Joel Fletcher photography


Here are photos from various film projects I was involved with as an animator and visual effects artist during 1985-1995. Some behind the scenes shots are also included. I photographed them with either my Nikon stereo rig or Nimslo camera. The stereo slide pairs were then scanned and transformed into the anaglyph format for this presentation. These anaglyph pictures require either red/blue or red/cyan 3-D glasses to see the stereo effect. The red lens goes over the left eye. Click on an image to enlarge.

Giant robot guards. galleryEntrance to spaceship junkyard. gallerySpaceship junkyard caretaker shack. gallerySexy dancing robot. galleryVisual effects experts goofing on set. galleryFreddy Krueger television. galleryHelicopter model with motion control rig and crew. galleryFood characters with Red Riding Hood and wolf. galleryDon Waller pushing puppets. galleryMickey Mouse ice cream bar parade. galleryMickey Mouse popsicle float. galleryMickey Mouse ice cream train. galleryUmblebum troll family. galleryStrange gnome parents are upset. galleryAngry troll father yells at son. galleryDecapatron from Puppet Master. galleryTwo gigantic scorpions and dead man. gallery
Included are scenes from Spaceship Junkyard, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Imax Military Helicopter, Red Riding Hood and the Well-Fed Wolf, Mickey's Parade, The Umblebums, Puppet Master 5, and Oblivion.