I was a stop-motion character animator at Skellington Productions for THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS in the early nineties. Whenever possible, I took the initiative to photograph the amazing setups in 3D. I photographed them with my Nikon stereo rig on Kodachrome slide film. The stereo pairs were digitally scanned and transformed to anaglyph format for this presentation. They are a testament to the outstanding artistry of the crew of Skellington Productions. These anaglyph photos require either red/blue or red/cyan 3D glasses to see the stereoscopic effect. The red lens goes over the left eye. Click on an image to enlarge.

Also of interest are some awesome Full Color 2D versions in my behind the scenes still photo article!
Lock, Barrel, and Shock 3D anaglyph

Lock, Barrel, and Shock

Jack Skellington pulling Behemoths's tongue

Jack pulls Behemoth's tongue

Nightmare Before Christmas meeting Jack Skellington

Town hall meeting

Clown feeds snake a present 3D stereo

Clown feeds the snake

Mayor making Christmas song anaglyph photo

The Mayor and friends

Wiches from Nightmare Before Christmas 3D picture

The witches

Jack Skellington and the melting man anaglyph

The Melting Man and Jack

Jack Skellington with Lock, Shock, and Barrel 3D photo

Jack, Lock Shock, and Barrel

Dr. Finkelstein adds his brain to his creation

The Professor's brain

Jack Skellington observes his Santa outfit in the mirror

Jack tries his Santa outfit

Santa check his Christmas list 3D anaglyph

Santa checking his list

Jack Skellington and others from Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack, Sally, and friends

Lock, Shock, and Barrel with captured Santa Claus

Captured Sandy Claws

The Halloween town monsters gather around the Christmas sleigh

A crowd gathers for the launch

Santa Jack takes off in the Christmas fog

Jack takes off in the fog

Jack and reindeer launch the sleigh 3D stereo

Jack launches up the ramp

Sally sings about her love for Jack Skellington

Sally sings in the fog

Santa Jack delivers presents on Christmas Eve

Santa Jack on the rooftop

Timmy wakes up 3D stereo anaglyph

Timmy wakes up

Jack Skellington gives Timmy a Christmas present

Jack gives Timmy a present

Evil Mickey and Killer Duck anaglyph photograph

Jack's demented presents

Giant snake eating Christmas tree stereo photo

Snake eats the Christmas tree

Evil Jack in the box present from Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack-in-the box attacks Howie

Monsters watch Jack Skellington on Christmas Eve

Watching the cauldron

Oogie Boogie turns crank 3D stereo picture

Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie dumps Jack and Sally in the soup

Santa, Sally, and Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare Before Christmas

Oogie Boogie in his lair

Jack Skellington escapes from the saw blade

Jack runs from Oogie's blade

Sally helps Santa escape from Oogie 3D anaglyph

Sally helps Santa escape

Oogie Boogie is filled with bugs 3D stereo

Oogie Boogie's inner self

Jack Skellington apologizes to Santa

Jack returns Santa's hat

Jack Skellington rides to Halloweentown in the hearse

Jack returns to Halloween town

Vampires play hockey with Tim Burton's head anaglyph

Hockey with Burton's head

Doctor Finkelstein with his new creation

Dr. Finkelstein's new creation

Jack celebrates with the Mayor and Cyclops 3D anaglyph

Celebrating Jack's return

Jack and Sally hold hands Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally and Jack