Joel Fletcher photography
Around 1979 I began to create a series of avant-garde short films in collaboration with a group of friends. We made several surreal "dance" movies using a stop-motion animation technique called pixilation (people animation). With the human figures moving in mysterious ways around the landscape, the technique utilized created a hauntingly beautiful effect. One of these films, Mirage, can be viewed on the EARLY FILMS movie page. In addition to the process of filming the scenes, I also shot some still photos, which were completely unique in their own right. Several examples are included here. Pictured are the lead performers Mark Daniel, Diana Lim, Ben Averill, Cheryl Kapell, Erica Fletcher, and June Monteforte. Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view.

Dancers perform on a bluff over a river. gallerySurrealistic figures in a windy field. galleryMale and female figures between Earth and sky. galleryDancers spin in a beautiful garden. galleryThe attraction of opposites performed by dancers. galleryTwo dancers perform a classic pose in a garden. galleryA lone figure jumps in a natural backdrop. galleryThe duality of male and female mysterious figures. galleryDancers pose in a natural environment. galleryDancers in a powerful lift pose. galleryA visionary image of transparent figures. galleryFour figures leap together in a magic garden. gallery