The Art of Joel Fletcher
Here are some metaphysical visions from my minds eye translated to paintings on canvas. These imaginative pieces were created quite a while ago, before animation became my main creative outlet. Most were painted in acrylic, and range in size from 36 x 50 to 12 x 12 inches. Click on an image for a large view.

A large mass of humanity is tricked by Satan. galleryThe narrow road to paradise. galleryA couple imagine a band of fox musicians. galleryExotic Indian goddess with hookah. galleryMan and woman ride a flying serpent. galleryMaskull and Oceaxe from A Voyage to Arcturus. galleryMountain landscape with Ibex and other animals. galleryMan and woman meditaors merging with the landscape. gallerySymbolic painting based on Matthew 7: 13-14. galleryVisionary symbolic painting of Mother Earth. galleryMysterious medieval landscape. galleryTortured elephant god in mysterious room. gallery