Here is a selection of drawings from the live figure model, both nude and clothed. The key is to capture the spirit of the pose quickly, as the model holds the position for a very short time. Most of these sketches took between 5 and 15 minutes. Four portrait paintings from life are also included. These were created in art workshops at Disney from 1997 to 2000. Click on an image for a large view.

Also of interest is my collection of Recent Figure Sketches!
Girl With Flowers quick painting

Girl with flowers, acrylic

Ballerina quick portrait painting

Ballerina, acrylic and pastel

Senorita portrait quick painting

Senorita, acrylic and pastel

Renaissance Maiden quick painting

Maiden, acrylic painting

Nude life drawing side view

Girl kneeling

Figure drawing of girl with crossed arms

Girl sitting arms crossed

Girl Arranging Hair figure drawing

Girl arranging hair

Standing Arabian man life sketch

Arabian standing

Marilyn Monroe rear view life drawing

Marilyn seated back view

Marilyn Monroe standing rear view drawing

Marilyn standing

Back view of sitting woman figure drawing

Life drawing sitting back

Girl thinking nude life drawing

Pondering life drawing

Seated Woman figure drawing

Nude sketch seated

Standing Woman nude figure sketch

Nude sketch standing

Woman Leaning nude figure drawing

Nude sketch leaning

Egyptian Guard figure study

Egyptian warrior

Flamenco dancer gesture sketch

Flamenco dancer

Sitting Flamenco Dancer life drawing

Flamenco woman seated

Reclining Nude Woman life drawing

Reclining woman

Nude Woman on a chair figure sketch

Nude woman on chair