Joel Fletcher photography
Presenting more Scenes From Magical Places, a continuation from part 1 of the series! These pictures were photographed on film circa 1993. Locations include the Colorado Rockies, Joshua Tree Park, Huntington Gardens, Golden Gate Park, The Cataract Trail, Vasquez Rocks, and The Devil's Punchbowl. Click on any image for a larger view.

View through pine trees of sunlit valley. galleryShrub covered landscape. gallerySpectaular rocks at Joshua Tree Park. galleryMagical desert garden. galleryPalms and cactus. gallerySubtropical landscape. galleryJapanese garden. galleryExotic garden with unusual colors. galleryJungle plant. galleryWaterfall at Cataract Trail. galleryWaterfall in a forest. galleryRainforest waterfall. gallerySelf portrait of photographer Joel Fletcher. galleryColorful bushes at Vasquez Rocks. galleryThe Devils Punchbowl, CA. gallery