After a long absence from the realm of painting, I am now creating new artworks with various concepts, designs, and color schemes. These paintings are also experimental in nature, as I am trying out the newly developed slow drying OPEN acrylics by the Golden company. I like the blending characteristics and particularly the edge control possible with this revolutionary paint. Click on the images to enlarge.

Also of interest is my behind the scenes articles Painting Ring Of Fire and Mysterium Mandala!
Mysterious tower and mandala

MYSTERIUM 36 x 18 on canvas panel, 2014

Woman in awe of the black flame held in her hands

THE BLACK FLAME 16 x 20 on canvas panel, 2012

Polynesian fire dancer

RING OF FIRE 14 x 18 on canvas panel, 2011

Beautiful woman sits on a garden bench

DAYDREAMER 11x14 on canvas panel, acrylic, 2010

Gypsy girl with tamborine

GYPSY DANCER 11x14 on canvas panel, acrylic, 2010