Diamond T Fire Truck

Red antique fire truck at Alcatraz penitentiary.
This historical vehicle was the actual fire truck used at Alcatraz, America's most feared prison. When the prison closed in 1963, the truck was a wreck. It was hauled away, and ultimately restored to original condition by Nevada prison inmates, which seemed oddly appropriate. Now the Diamond T Fire Truck is back at Alcatraz Island, and has been viewed by millions of visitors. Photographed in 2011.

Golden Blooms

A mass of brilliant yellow flowers.
The vividly colored, velvety flowers of the plant known as Kangaroo Paw is a popular decoration in Southern California landscapes. As you might guess from the name, it is native to Australia. Photographed while on a neighborhood walk with my iPhone.

Zion Riverbed

Rocky stream bed with colorful tree and mountain in the background.
I once took a short trip to Zion National Park to shoot photos. This rock-strewn dry stream bed with colorful trees and mountain was an intriguing sight. Captured on Kodachrome film in 1992.

Army Girl

Pretty woman in camouflage outfit.
The enchanting model Lisa looked absolutely amazing in her camouflage military outfit. Photographed with Nikon equipment on Fujichrome Velvia film in 1992.

Lil' Redd Wrecker

Hot rod tow truck
I photographed this outrageous hot-rod truck at the 2015 Culver City Car Show. The vehicle had a history as strange as its appearance. Originally painted blue, and named the Turnpike Hauler, it was built from scratch by Dick Dean from an Ed Newton design for Bob Reisner and Jay Ohrberg's California Show Cars in 1970. It was basically an "all show, no go" art car made for display only. Around 1974 it was acquired by customizer George Barris, who painted it red and renamed it Lil' Redd Wrecker, as a promotional tie-in with Redd Foxx, star of the popular TV show Sanford & Son. Barris brazenly claimed credit for building it, in lettered paint right on the vehicle, when all he really did was give it a makeover! Currently the Wrecker is owned and on display at the Galpin Auto Sports museum in Los Angeles.

Melrose Biker Woman

Woman reclining on a motorcycle.
Back in 1991, I was walking along the hip and trendy Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, when I encountered this flamboyantly dressed lady lounging on a Harley. It seemed to me that she was not really a biker babe, but a model taking a break from a photo shoot. Since I had my Nikon with me, I captured the moment on Kodachrome film.

Reaching to Heaven

A worms-eye view of the branches and leaves of a tree.
Looking upward, from under a massive tree, I was fascinated by the wonderful structures and patterns silhouetted against the sky. Photographed at the Foster Botanical Gardens in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Morro Bay Harbor

Boats in a harbor with giant rock in the background.
The waterfront city of Morro Bay on the central California coast is known for it's distinctive gigantic rock. The so-called "Gibraltar of the Pacific" is of volcanic origin. Photographed in 2007.

Glittery Decadence

Mannequin covered with bling in store window.
I was intrigued by this extravagant store window display in Venice, Italy, and had to get a shot. Venetian carnival masks with ornate designs are part of their history and culture, and are popular items with the tourists. Photographed in 2010.

London Taxi

Taxicab sculpture in an airport.
While waiting for a flight, I enjoyed looking at this amazing fluorescent orange wire sculpture in the middle of London's Heathrow Airport. It was created by Benedict Radcliffe, who accurately replicated the contours of the famous cab, from an X-Ray perspective. Photographed in 2015 with my iPhone.

Dynamic Duo

Batman and Robin with Batmobile.
The Caped Crusaders made an appearance at the 2012 Culver City Car Show, along with the original Batmobile. The pair were doppelgängers of the classic sixties TV versions of Batman and Robin, as portrayed by Adam West and Burt Ward. Behind them was the Batmobile, built at the shop of car customizer George Barris, who was also a major sponsor of the show. Unfortunately George died just a few years later, but the show continues annually.

Tar Pit Mammoths

Baby and adult Mammoths.
These life-size statues were located right next to an active tar pit, enacting a scene from thousands of years ago. They were created by artist Howard Ball out of fiberglass, and have been on display at the famous La Brea Tar Pits since 1968. This particular area had been fenced off, to prevent spectators from becoming a victim of the tar! Photographed in 2008.