1963 Corvette Stingray

A rear view of a silver 1963 Corvette at a car show.
This magnificent 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray split-window coupe was on display at the Rodeo Drive "Highways to Heaven" auto show in downtown Beverly Hills. The car was the first incarnation of the legendary C2 styling, known as one of the finest body designs in automotive history. My dream car! Photographed in 2015.

Along the Aloe Trail

Exotic desert plants of African origin.
The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden features many different themed landscapes. This is a view from the African section, photographed in 2015.

Cataract Trail Falls

Cascading falls in a deep green forest.
Once upon a time I hiked the enchanted Cataract Trail, located on Mount Tamalpais in Northern California. There I witnessed numerous waterfalls in the midst of a lush, intensely green rainforest. Photographed on Kodachrome film in 1993.

The Green Hornet and Kato

TV heroes the Green Hornet and Kato pose in front of the Black Beauty car.
Like a flashback to 1966, these guys looked almost exactly like Van Williams and Bruce Lee from the iconic television show. Behind them is the Black Beauty car, customized by Dean Jeffries. Photographed at the Culver City Car Show on film with my Nimslo quadra lens camera in 2010.

Bryce Canyon Pinnacle

Upward viewpoint of a colorful, towering rock peak, with foreground pine trees.
This view was from deep within the ravine of Bryce Canyon National Park. My camera was outfitted with a circular polarizing filter, which deepened the sky. Photographed in 1992 on Kodachrome film.

Topiary Dinosaur

Giant dinosaur sculpture made of living plants.
The 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California is a popular destination for both the locals and tourists. Throughout the walkway are numerous living dinosaur sculptures, which look like giant Chia Pets! Photographed in 2015.

Sacred Bamboo

Vivid red and green leaves of the Heavenly Bamboo plant.
The brightly colored leaves and intense red berries of this Nandina plant, aka Heavenly Bamboo, provided a vibrant complementary color scheme for this photo. Native to eastern Asia, the plant is actually an evergreen shrub and not a bamboo at all. Photographed with my iPhone.

Tangled Beauty

Beautiful woman in leopard bikini wrapped in a fishing net.
Exquisite Beverly was "caught" in a fisherman's net during this photo shoot at a make-believe wharf setting in 1992. I used my Nimslo quadra lens 3D camera to capture this image, which can also be viewed in stereo in the 3D Glamour Gallery.

Diamond T Fire Truck

Red antique fire truck at Alcatraz penitentiary.
This historical vehicle was the actual fire truck used at Alcatraz, America's most feared prison. When the penitentiary closed in 1963, the truck was a wreck. It was hauled away, and ultimately restored to original condition by Nevada prison inmates, which seemed oddly appropriate. Now the Diamond T Fire Truck is back at Alcatraz Island, and has been viewed by millions of visitors. Photographed in 2011.

Golden Blooms

A mass of brilliant yellow flowers.
The vividly colored, velvety flowers of the plant known as Kangaroo Paw is a popular decoration in Southern California landscapes. As you might guess from the name, it is native to Australia. Photographed while on a neighborhood walk with my iPhone.

Zion Riverbed

Rocky stream bed with colorful tree and mountain in the background.
I once took a short trip to Zion National Park to shoot photos. This rock-strewn dry stream bed with colorful trees and mountain was an intriguing sight. Captured on Kodachrome film in 1992.

Army Girl

Pretty woman in camouflage outfit.
The enchanting model Lisa looked absolutely amazing in her camouflage military outfit. Photographed with Nikon equipment on Fujichrome Velvia film in 1992.