Joel Fletcher photography
I have a fascination with bizarre and unusual architecture, signage, and statues. Over the years I have snapped photos of numerous eccentric attractions, presented here for your amusement. Is it art or is it kitsch? It's all in the eye of the beholder. Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view.

Trader Nicks polynesian tiki restaurant. galleryHuge reclining woman statue. galleryTrader Morts store with tiki. galleryColossal octopus sign. galleryGiant cow sign roadside attraction. galleryTattoo Museum storefront. galleryCreepy overgrown graves. galleryEerie ancient graveyard scene. galleryGigantic cartoony man and mouse sign. galleryGiant Joor Muffler Man. galleryCowboy sculpture. gallerySailor sculpture. galleryBuilding made of sticks. galleryAngel statue with gravestones. galleryTiki statue in a garden. galleryColossal barrel building roadside attraction. galleryGiant pig building vernacular architecture. galleryEnormous Muffler Man with goofy head. gallery
Photo information: (1) TRADER NICK'S, Pismo Beach, CA, 1991. (2) GIANT WOMAN, Greenbrae, CA, 1993, statue by Dennis Patton. (3) TRADER MORT'S, San Diego, CA, 1988. (4) OCTOPUS CAR WASH SIGN, Madison, WI, 1994. (5) HECKEL'S COW, Eau Claire, WI, 2001. (6) NATIONAL TATTOO MUSEUM, Wellington, New Zealand, 2005. (7-8) KARORI CEMETERY, Wellington, New Zealand, 2005. (9) WESTERN EXTERMINATOR SIGN, Long Beach, CA 2012 (10) JOOR MUFFLER MAN, Escondido, CA, 1992. (11) McLINTOCK'S STATUE, Pismo Beach, CA, 1991. (12) SPYGLASS INN STATUE, Pismo Beach, CA 1991. (13) CAMP SKAGWAY, Alaska, 2003. (14) KARORI CEMETERY, Wellington, New Zealand, 2005. (15) ROYAL HAWAIIAN TIKI (now demolished), Honolulu, 2008. (16) BARREL HOUSE LIQUOR, Washington, DC, 2008. (17) PIG STAND, San Antonio, TX, 2009. (18) KEN'S MUFFLER MAN, Dallas, TX, 2012.