Joel Fletcher photography
I have photographed numerous outlandish buildings in the LA area from the late eighties to current times. These places featured unusual signs, design, and architecture intended to grab your attention! Unfortunately many of them are long gone. Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view.

Soap Plant and Wacko stores on Melrose Ave. gallerySoap Plant painted storefront, Melrose Ave. galleryGiant hamburger shaped building. galleryUnusual storefront. galleryArtistic graffiti covered storefront. galleryFlame sign design storefront. galleryTrendy bad girl store. galleryBuilding that looks like a submarine. galleryHatch entrance to Dive submarine theme building. galleryGiant ballerina clown sculpture. galleryTrashy Lingerie weird Hollywood store. galleryGiant mexican muffler man sculpture. galleryStrange building with knight and dragon sculptues. galleryPolynesian restaurant with giant tiki. gallerySpace age theme restaurant by airport. galleryWestern them restaurant with stagecoach. galleryBuilding that looks like a ship. galleryGiant statue of arabian man holding carpet sign. gallery

Photo information: (1) SOAP PLANT and WACKO, Melrose Ave, 1986. (2) SOAP PLANT, 1991. (3) THE BURGER THAT ATE LA, Melrose Ave, 1991. (4) TOO CUTE, Melrose Ave, 1991. (5) YONADA mural, Melrose Ave, 1991. (6) STREET LEGAL, Melrose Ave, 1991. (7) BACKSEAT BETTY, 1991. (8-9) LA DIVE restaurant, Century City, 1991. (10) BALLERINA CLOWN statue, Venice, 1991. (11) TRASHY LINGERIE, Hollywood, 1991. (12) LA SALSA statue, Malibu, 1992. (13) YOUNG MOGULS building, Hollywood, 1992. (14) TRADER VIC'S, Beverly Hills, 2003. (15) ENCOUNTER restaurant, Los Angeles airport, 2007. (16) SADDLE RANCH CHOP HOUSE, Universal City, 2008. (17) CAFE JACK restaurant, Los Angeles Koreatown, 2010. (18) CARPET MAN statue, San Fernando Valley, 2011.