The Art of Joel Fletcher

Behold the various galleries:
Jack Skellington, Sally, Reindeer, Devil, and Werewolf get ready for Christmas
King Kong holds Ann in New York

MOVIES: includes my professional character animation demo reels, avant-garde early filmmaking projects, the inside scoop of stop-motion behind the scenes, and mind bending time-lapse vignettes.

Painting of a saber-tooth tiger.
Painting depicting the life force.

GRAPHIC: contains my latest imaginative paintings, a collection of life drawings and quick paintings, a selection of early visionary paintings, and some recent figure sketches.

Male and female figures merging into nature
A boat sets off to sea in Dubrovnk, Croatia

PHOTOS: is composed of my Reflections photo blog, spectacular Magical Places landscapes, metaphysical Dynamic Figures, bizarre Roadside Oddities and Weird Los Angeles, as well as the more recent Out There series.

Crimestoppers the Green Hornet and Kato
5 beautiful women dressed in retro fashion

3D PIX: includes Movie Magic special effects, the cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, beautiful Glamour girls, the spice of Variety, amazing Nature images, magical scenes from Stop-Motion movies, and the Digital revolution. They are presented in the anaglyph format which requires red/cyan 3D glasses.

Artist Joel Fletcher sculpting an alien creature
Joel Fletcher with Silicon Graphics computer at his Disney office in 1997

ABOUT: consists of my biography, current résumé, some publications that covered my work, contact information, and privacy statement.

Cute dog that looks like a reindeer with pretty elf girl
Stone Giant from the Magic Island movie

PROCESS: has many behind the scenes stories, pictures, and movies about art-making!