The Art of Joel Fletcher
These seven collections give a broad representation of my stereographic photography. Most of them were shot as left and right pairs on 35 mm slide film in full color, but are presented in the anaglyph format for computer viewing. To see the stereoscopic effect of the anaglyphs, red/cyan 3D glasses are required. Red/Blue glasses will also work well.

3D stereo from Mickeys Parade commercialJack Skellington 3D red blue anaglyph3D anaglyph beautiful girl at the beachGreen Hornet with Kato and Black Beauty 3D photographBryce Canyon stereo photoRalph mouse on a motorcycle.Batman and Robin with Batmobile

3-D MOVIE MAGIC is a selection of scenes that I photographed when I was working as an animator and model maker in the movie special effects business. 3-D NIGHTMARE depicts many setups from the ever popular feature film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I photographed while working on the show as an animator. 3-D GLAMOUR features beautiful women in exotic locations, shot with a Nimslo camera. 3-D VARIETY is a small collection of cool images that would not fit in a particular category. 3-D NATURE displays some spectacular landscapes, and the anaglyphs in this gallery are in color! 3-D STOP-MOTION contains scenes from several animated television specials. 3-D DIGITAL presents an assortment of shots from the new Fuji W3 digital stereo camera.

If you are curious about how these images were created, see the 3-D ANAGLYPH TECHNIQUE article in my creative process blog.