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I delved into glamour photography for a few years, and the Nimslo 3D stereo camera was one of my favorite tools. Here are some examples of beautiful women in 3D, which is a fantastic combination! These anaglyph photos require red/blue or red/cyan glasses to be viewed in stereoscopic effect. The red lens should be placed over the left eye. Click on an image for a larger view.

  • Beautiful woman in the waves.

    Vivica in the waves

  • Beautiful girl reclines on the beach.

    Vivica reclines on the beach

  • Pretty girl on couch having tea.

    Vivica having tea

  • Georgeous girl swims in waterfall pool.

    Asia in the waterfall grotto

  • Exotic girl in bikini at the wharf.

    Beverly at the wharf

  • Pretty girl holds scarf in the wind.

    Ann in the wind

  • Lovely girl in an antique automobile.

    Ann in an antique car

  • Beautiful cavegirl with spear.

    Vivica as a cave girl

  • Attractive girl posing in a tree.

    Angela posing in a tree

  • Pretty girl with antique car.

    Krista with antique car

  • Beautiful girl in bikini with waterfall.

    Lisa with waterfall

  • Pretty woman in military outfit.

    Lisa as an Army girl

  • Beautiful girl in Halloween witch costume.

    Mindy as a witch

  • Glamorous girl with lovely dress.

    Pier models her dress

  • Girl in sexy outfit with whip.

    Tammy poses with her whip