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Here are some 3D pictures from various film projects I worked on as an animator and visual effects artist between 1985 and 1995. I took these photos using my Nikon stereo rig and film. The stereo slides were then scanned and converted into anaglyph format for this presentation. These anaglyph pictures can be viewed in 3D using red/blue or red/cyan glasses, with the red lens covering the left eye. Click on an image to enlarge it.

  • Giant robot guards.

    Giant robot guards

  • Futuristic alien machinery.

    Futuristic alien machinery

  • Entrance to spaceship junkyard.

    Entrance to spaceship junkyard

  • Spaceship junkyard caretaker shack.

    Spaceship junkyard caretaker shack

  • Sexy dancing robot.

    Dancing Robot from MOONWALKER

  • Decapatron from Puppet Master.

    Decapatron from PUPPET MASTER 5

  • Mickey Mouse ice cream bar parade.

    Mickey Mouse ice cream bar parade

  • Mickey Mouse popsicle float.

    Mickey's Parade popsicle float

  • Mickey Mouse ice cream train.

    Mickey's Parade ice cream train.

  • Umblebum troll family.

    The Umblebums

  • Strange gnome parents are upset.

    Umblebum parents annoyed by loud music

  • Angry troll father yells at son.

    Mr. Umblebum yells at son

  • Visual effects experts goofing on set.

    Effects Wizards Bruce Lau, Kelly Mann, Anton Tremblay

  • Freddy Krueger television.


  • Two gigantic scorpions and dead man.

    Night Scorps from OBLIVION