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These pictures were photographed on film using either my Nikon stereo rig or Nimslo camera. They were taken at various locations, including Bryce Canyon, The Devil's Punchbowl, Muir Woods, Huntington Gardens, Foster Botanical Gardens, and Franklin Park. To fully experience the stereoscopic effect, red/cyan glasses are required; the red lens goes over the left eye. Click on an image for a larger view.

  • View of Bryce Canyon amphitheater.

    Bryce Canyon amphitheater

  • Overlooking Bryce Canyon.

    Bryce Canyon overlook

  • 3D photo of rock passage at Bryce.

    Bryce Canyon rock passage

  • Stereo photo of Bryce Canyon.

    Bryce Canyon view

  • Arching rock formations.

    Devil's Punchbowl arching rocks

  • Magical pine forest at Bryce.

    Bryce Canyon pine grove

  • Tree trunk in redwood forest.

    Redwood Forest tree trunk

  • Mossy tree with face in 3D.

    Tree with a face

  • Primordial trees stereo photo.

    Primordial trees

  • Cactus botanical garden.

    Cactus botanical garden

  • Stereo photo of cactus at Huntington gardens.

    Huntington Gardens cactus

  • Cactus desert garden in 3D.

    Cactus desert garden

  • 3D field of pod flowers in Hawaii.

    Hawaiian meadow

  • Amazing view of Cannonball trees in 3D.

    Hawaiian Cannonball Trees

  • Marsh plants from Franklin Park Los Angeles.

    Franklin Park marsh