Early Experimental FilmsJoel Fletcher filmmaker

Presenting five of my avant-garde filmmaking creations shot on 16 mm and super 8 film.

In Encounter, two medieval knights defend their world when aliens arrive. This was one of my first "serious" attempts at stop-motion animation, created in 1982. You can find the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of this semi-professional project on my blog!

Mall Mania offers an unusual perspective on the shopping experience in the Los Angeles area. This time capsule from 1989-1990 was filmed in a variety of malls using time-lapse cinematography in the 16 mm format. The musical accompaniment was provided by Bjorn Lynne. You can read the back story about how this movie came to be in my blog article Making Mall Mania.

The Wanderer combines surrealism and athleticism in an astounding, upside-down record-breaking journey. Filmed in 1981 at iconic locations in Madison, Wisconsin using the 16mm format, this film showcases the incredible acrobatic skills of Mark Daniel. The music, by Holst and Wagner and conducted by Keith Salmon, adds to the surreal atmosphere. You can read more about the genesis of this film on my Creative Process Blog.

Mirage is a visionary, metaphysical journey that uses the unique art form of dance-animation. This film, a collaboration with Mark Daniel and several other talented performers, was shot in 1982 using the pixilation (people animation) technique and 16mm film. The music, by Bjorn Lynne, adds to the film's otherworldly vibe.

People Patterns is a time-lapse photography project that captures interesting events in Madison, Wisconsin. The majority of the locations featured in the project are from the University of Wisconsin campus and downtown area, and the footage was shot around 1980 on Kodachrome Super 8 film. The music for the project is by Bjorn Lynne.