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Since I spend way too much time creating art and animation on the computer, it is important to maintain my traditional skills by drawing the figure from life. The goal is to loosen up my style, and the short time that the model holds the pose helps to meet that objective. These were created at various workshops in the Los Angeles area such as The Drawing Club, Kline Academy, The Los Feliz Lifedrawing Workshop, and Dr. Sketchy's LA, averaging about 10 minutes each. A few "long pose" paintings from life are also included. Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view.

  •  Portrait painting similar to Frida Kahlo.

    Frida, 4 hour portrait. 11 x 14 inches, 2012

  •  Spanish Flamenco woman portrait painting.

    Flamenco, 4 hour portrait. 11 x 14 inches, 2013

  •  Portrait of Cleopatra.

    Cleopatra, 5 hour portrait. 14 x 11 inches, 2015

  •  Drawing of a pretty woman from the side.

    Pretty woman from the side.

  •  Drawing of a seated dancer.

    Resting dancer

  •  Sketch of a figure model in repose.

    Model in repose

  •  Drawing of a woman pulling on her stockings.

    Woman pulling her stockings

  •  Sketch of a pretty girl stretching out.

    Stretching out

  •  Drawing of a woman elegantly sprawled out.

    Sprawling woman

  •  Woman feeling luxurious.

    Woman feeling luxurious

  •  Woman relaxing on a pillow.

    Woman relaxing on a pillow

  •  Figure drawing of sitting woman looking upward


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