Out ThereJoel Fletcher photography

This is a selection of awe inspiring sights I have encountered while wandering on the face of the earth. All the pictures were photographed with various digital cameras, sometimes even my iPhone. Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view.

  • Spectacular treetop view in New Zealand.

    Treetop view, Wellington, NZ

  • Strange twisting trees.

    Chinese Saucer Magnolias, Wellington, NZ

  • A boat head out to sea in a beautiful harbor.

    Dubrovnik, Croatia harbor

  • Three blossoms of the Blue Passion Flower.

    Blue Passion Flowers

  • Spectacular view of the Argolic Bay.

    Palamidi Fortress, Nafplion, Greece

  • Ancient church on the Venice Grand Canal.

    I Gesuati church, Venice, Italy

  • Exotic red passion flower.

    Exotic Passion Flower

  • Cute baby hummingbirds in a nest.

    Hummingbird nest

  • Snapdragon flowers with statue.

    Snapdragon garden

  • Japanese Pagoda at dusk with pretty lights.

    Japanese Pagoda, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Lovely English garden.

    English fairy garden

  • Cannonball tree flowers.

    Cannonball Tree flowers

  • Hawaiian Cannonball trees.

    Cannonball Trees, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Windmill building on a lakeshore surrounded by pretty trees.

    Lake Shrine Windmill, Pacific Palisades, California

  • 5 ducks having a conference, while another watches from afar.

    Duck discussion

Photo information: (1) Wellington overlook, New Zealand, 2005. (2) Ancient Chinese Saucer Magnolias, New Zealand, 2005. (3) Dubrovnik harbor, Croatia, 2010. (4) Three Blue Passion Flowers, Los Angeles, CA, 2013. (5) Palamidi Fortress vista, Nafplion, Greece, 2010. (6) I Gesuati church, Venice, Italy, 2010. (7) Exotic Passion Flower, Los Angeles, California, 2015. (8) Hummingbird Nest, San Diego, California, 2013. (9) Snapdragon Garden, Palm Springs, California, 2013. (10) Tivoli Japanese Pagoda, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015. (11) Fairy Garden, London, England, 2015. (12) Cannonball Tree Flowers, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2008. (13) Cannonball Trees, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2008. (14) Lake Shrine Windmill, Pacific Palisades, California, 2019. (15) Duck discussion, 2018.