Magical PlacesJoel Fletcher photography

This collection, Scenes From Magical Places, is a retrospective of my landscape photography from the early 1990s. Capturing images of the earth is an amazing art form, and hiking to remote areas to discover the perfect shot is highly rewarding. These photographs were taken with Nikon cameras on either Kodachrome or Velvia film. The locations include Bryce Canyon, Joshua Tree Park, Huntington Gardens, the Cataract Trail, the Devil's Punchbowl, Muir Woods, Vasquez Rocks, and Red Rock Canyon. Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view.

More Scenes From Magical Places can be seen in part 2 of the series!

  • Pine grove in Bryce Canyon park

    Bryce Canyon pine grove

  • Rock passage at Bryce Canyon park.

    Bryce Canyon rock passage

  • Spire formations at Bryce Canyon.

    Bryce Canyon spires

  • Dramatic cliff walls at Bryce Canyon.

    Bryce Canyon cliff walls

  • Eroded rocks at Bryce Canyon.

    Bryce Canyon eroded rocks

  • Rock slab and boulder piles.

    Joshua Tree Park slab

  • Dusk falls on boulder landscape.

    Joshua Tree Park boulders

  • Cactus garden at the Huntington.

    Huntington Gardens cacti

  • Waterfall with mossy rocks.

    Cataract Trail mossy waterfall

  • Fallen mossy log over stream.

    Cataract Trail fallen log

  • Dramatic landscape at Devils Punchbowl.

    The Devil's Punchbowl, Pearblossom, CA

  • Devils Punchbowl spectacle.

    The Devil's Punchbowl vista

  • Unusual rock formation.

    The Devil's Punchbowl rock formation

  • Sandstone rock formations

    Devil's Punchbowl sedimentary terrain

  • Dreamlike flower garden with iris.

    Golden Gate Park Iris

  • Haunting face on a tree.

    Muir Woods tree with a face

  • Primordial woods.

    Muir Woods primeval forest

  • Joshua trees at dusk.

    Joshua Trees

  • Primordial rocks.

    Vasquez Rocks

  • Red Rock Canyon vista with phallic rock.

    Red Rock Canyon

  • Mysterious rock formations.

    Red Rock Canyon vista