Bottlebrush Tree

I photographed this spectacular Callistemon tree, located in my back yard garden, at the peak of blooming in spring. They are popularly called Bottlebrush, due to the appearance of the crimson blossoms. Native to Australia, they also thrive where I live in Southern California. Captured with my Fujifilm X-T20 camera.


Psychedelic Meerkat Garden

These vivid plastic meerkats watched over the entrance to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Arizona. The cheery critters were created by the Crackling Art Collective, and the nearby crystal cacti were the work of glass master Dale Chihuly. What a surreal scenario! An impromptu iPhone photo, 2019.


El Bordello Alexandra

Just off the Venice Beach Boardwalk lies one of the weirdest buildings in Southern California. It was originally built in 1906, reputedly as a brothel. Over the years it fell into disrepair before it was purchased by Tony Wells and Brittany Stevenson. They gutted the building and created the most eccentric renovation imaginable, decorated with murals, ironwork, and guardian statues. Though not immediately obvious, the property is actually an apartment building, home to artists and musicians who love the bohemian Venice lifestyle!


Pink Metropolitan

This classic car was on display at the 2019 Granada Hills Street Faire in Southern California. Originally from the late 50s, the Metropolitan was ahead of it's time, as it anticipated the compact car trend that was yet to be. Apparently it was available in pink to help attract female customers. This particular example was in fantastic condition, looking all original except for the eyelashes added to the headlights!


LA County Fair Food Stands

I recently had a fun visit to the 2019 Los Angeles County Fair. It had many photographic possibilities, particularly at the magic hour with the colorful lighting of the various attractions. The concession vendors had some interesting booths designed to draw in the customers. Of course most of the food was typical fair cuisine; not very healthy! Captured with my Fujifilm X-T20 camera.


Fig Beetle

While exploring a local garden center, I noticed this beautiful creature in the flowers. I whipped out my handy iPhone to capture the impromptu photo moment. These beetles were so named because they love figs and other soft skinned fruit, and are related to the famous Egyptian Scarab Beetles. They apparently also feed on flowers as well. Known for their wonderful metallic-green exoskeleton, this particular one looked a bit worse for wear.

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