Psychedelic Meerkat Garden

These vivid plastic meerkats watched over the entrance to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Arizona. The cheery critters were created by the Crackling Art Collective, and the nearby crystal cacti were the work of glass master Dale Chihuly. What a surreal scenario! An impromptu iPhone photo, 2019.


El Bordello Alexandra

Just off the Venice Beach Boardwalk lies one of the weirdest buildings in Southern California. It was originally built in 1906, reputedly as a brothel. Over the years it fell into disrepair before it was purchased by Tony Wells and Brittany Stevenson. They gutted the building and created the most eccentric renovation imaginable, decorated with murals, ironwork, and guardian statues. Though not immediately obvious, the property is actually an apartment building, home to artists and musicians who love the bohemian Venice lifestyle!


Gigantic Visible Man

This amazing sculpture by Damien Hirst was on public display in Monaco during 2010, to promote an exhibition of the artist's work. The anatomical statue was very reminiscent of the iconic Visible Man model kit from the 1960s. My niece and daughter found it amusing to pose next to an important part of the anatomy for this photo.


Colossal Clown Sign

Located along a rather dreary section of Burbank Boulevard in North Hollywood, stands the famous gigantic clown sign, guaranteed to grab your attention. Outlined in neon for maximum impact at night, the demented clown has enticed customers to enter Circus Liquor since the Sixties. Photographed in 2018 with a Canon PowerShot S90 camera.


Glittery Decadence

I was intrigued by this extravagant store window display in Venice, Italy, and had to get a shot. Venetian carnival masks with ornate designs are part of their history and culture, and are popular items with the tourists. Photographed in 2010.

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