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Bottlebrush Tree

A mass of bright red bottlebrush flowers in a Callistemon tree.

I photographed this spectacular Callistemon tree, located in my back yard garden, at the peak of blooming in spring. They are popularly called Bottlebrush, due to the appearance of the crimson blossoms. Native to Australia, they also thrive where I live in Southern California. Captured with my Fujifilm X-T20 camera.

Tropical Canopy

Upward view of exotic trees in Hawaii

I was wandering around Honolulu's Foster Botanical Gardens back in 2008, taking in the exotic scenery. Looking up, I marveled at the incredible variety of shapes silhouetted against the sky.

Natal Lily

A group of Clivia plants with bright orange flowers

Adorning the grounds of the UCLA Sculpture Garden, these brilliant orange blossoms of Clivia Miniata were a treat for the eyes. The plant is a shade lover, originally native to South Africa, with large strap-like leaves. The amazing flowers typically bloom in the spring. Photographed with my iPhone in 2017.

Aloe Vera Flowers

Three flower clusters of the Aloe Vera plant

The intriguing flowers of this Aloe Vera Plant called out to me to take their picture. Aloe is a garden favorite due to its exotic looks, and is particularly striking when the flowers are blooming. Photographed with my iPhone.

Sacred Bamboo

Vivid red and green leaves of the Heavenly Bamboo plant

The brightly colored leaves and intense red berries of this Nandina plant, aka Heavenly Bamboo, provided a vibrant complementary color scheme for this photo. Native to eastern Asia, the plant is actually an evergreen shrub and not a bamboo at all. Photographed with my iPhone.

Golden Blooms

A mass of brilliant yellow flowers

The vividly colored, velvety flowers of the plant known as Kangaroo Paw is a popular decoration in Southern California landscapes. As you might guess from the name, it is native to Australia. Photographed while on a neighborhood walk with my iPhone.

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