ReflectionsJoel Fletcher photography

Elegant Christmas

A beautiful woman wearing a red dress in a Christmas decorated home

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph lovely Vivica on several occasions. She certainly looked sophisticated in this Christmas themed photo, captured in 1991 on Kodak gold film.

In the Waterfall Grotto

A beautiful woman relaxes in a pool with waterfall

It was a pleasure to photograph the stunning model Asia chilling out in a luxurious pool. This is a color 2D version of a 3D stereo image, photographed with my Nimslo Quadra Lens camera on Fujichrome Velvia film in 1992. The stereo version can be seen on the 3D glamour gallery.

Tangled Beauty

A beautiful woman in leopard bikini wrapped in a fishing net

Exquisite Beverly was "caught" in a fisherman's net during this photo shoot at a make-believe wharf setting in 1992. I used my Nimslo quadra lens 3D camera to capture this image, which can also be viewed in stereo in the 3D Glamour Gallery.

Army Girl

A pretty woman in camouflage outfit

The enchanting model Lisa looked absolutely amazing in her camouflage military outfit. Photographed with Nikon equipment on Fujichrome Velvia film in 1992.

Ann with Vintage Auto

A beautiful woman in white dress with vintage automobile

During the early 1990s I was shooting a lot of glamour pictures, building a portfolio for a potential career in that field. I never fully pursued that idea, due to my animation profession, but really enjoyed the process of photographing beautiful women. Here is one example, featuring the exquisite Ann, who was a superb model. Photographed in 1992 on Fuji Provia film with Nikon gear.


A beautiful cave woman reclining in front of amazing rock formations

The Vasquez Rocks Natural Area served as a primal backdrop for a cave woman photo shoot. Although not a professional model, beautiful Vivica was perfect for the role due to her exotic appearance. I photographed this image circa 1992 on Fujichrome Velvia film.

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