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Iliad Bookshop

Unusual storefront with gigantic books and murals.

This intriguing example of novelty architecture can be found in North Hollywood. It features interesting signage, gigantic fake books, and murals of famous authors (not visible in the photo). The exterior is fantastic, but the huge offerings of used books inside is even better! A casual iPhone photo from 2018.

LA County Fair Food Stands

People wait in line at colorful fair food booths at dusk

I recently had a fun visit to the 2019 Los Angeles County Fair. It had many photographic possibilities, particularly at the magic hour with the colorful lighting of the various attractions. The concession vendors had some interesting booths designed to draw in the customers. Of course most of the food was typical fair cuisine; not very healthy! Captured with my Fujifilm X-T20 camera.

Fig Beetle

An iridescent green beetle on flowers

While exploring a local garden center, I noticed this beautiful creature in the flowers. I whipped out my handy iPhone to capture the impromptu photo moment. These beetles were so named because they love figs and other soft skinned fruit, and are related to the famous Egyptian Scarab Beetles. They apparently also feed on flowers as well. Known for their wonderful metallic-green exoskeleton, this particular one looked a bit worse for wear.

Getty Center Garden Maze

An overhead view of a maze made of azalea bushes

Besides being one of the finest art museums in the Los Angeles area, the Getty Center also has several fantastic gardens. This view depicts the Azalea maze at the heart of the Central Garden, in itself a work of art, designed by Robert Irwin.

Huntington Gardens Statues

Rows of statues surrounded by flowers and trees

These life-size sculptures watch over a pathway through the magnificent Huntington Gardens in San Marino, CA. The property has 12 unique gardens, and is a must-see for visitors in the Los Angeles area. I photographed this image on film with my Nimslo stereo camera in 2009.

Venice Canals

Waterfront canal houses

The Venice Canals of Southern California were originally inspired by the famous canals in Italy. Created in 1905, they were once very extensive, but now only a small section remains. I was working at a visual effects studio in Venice, and would often take walks along the wonderful canals during lunch time. I captured this shot with the best camera, a.k.a. the one I had with me, my trusty iPhone.

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