LA County Fair Food Stands

I recently had a fun visit to the 2019 Los Angeles County Fair. It had many photographic possibilities, particularly at the magic hour with the colorful lighting of the various attractions. The concession vendors had some interesting booths designed to draw in the customers. Of course most of the food was typical fair cuisine; not very healthy! Captured with my Fujifilm X-T20 camera.


Fig Beetle

While exploring a local garden center, I noticed this beautiful creature in the flowers. I whipped out my handy iPhone to capture the impromptu photo moment. These beetles were so named because they love figs and other soft skinned fruit, and are related to the famous Egyptian Scarab Beetles. They apparently also feed on flowers as well. Known for their wonderful metallic-green exoskeleton, this particular one looked a bit worse for wear.


Venice Canals

The Venice Canals of Southern California were originally inspired by the famous canals in Italy. Created in 1905, they were once very extensive, but now only a small section remains. I was working at a visual effects studio in Venice, and would often take walks along the wonderful canals during lunch time. I captured this shot with the best camera, a.k.a. the one I had with me, my trusty iPhone.


Boney Island

For 19 years, the ultimate spooky event happened each Halloween season at the skeleton-themed Boney Island. Designed like a mini amusement park, it was the creation of my friend Rick Polizzi, who prepared months in advance to set it up at his home in Sherman Oaks, CA. The incredible exhibition was a labor of love, and offered to the public free of charge. The attraction became so popular that the city ultimately demanded that Rick pay a huge sum of money for police security and crowd control. Sadly, the costs were two great and Boney Island was forced to shut down in 2017.

Update: A bigger, better Boney Island is back in 2018! Now held at Griffith Park's Travel Town. For more information, visit the Boney Island website.

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