Venice Canals

Waterfront canal houses

The Venice Canals of Southern California were originally inspired by the famous canals in Italy. Created in 1905, they were once very extensive, but now only a small section remains. I was working at a visual effects studio in Venice, and would often take walks along the wonderful canals during lunch time. I captured this shot with the best camera, a.k.a. the one I had with me, my trusty iPhone.


Boney Island

People entering a Halloween haunted house attraction

For 16 years, the ultimate spooky event happened each Halloween season at the skeleton-themed Boney Island. Designed like a mini amusement park, it was the creation of my friend Rick Polizzi, who prepared months in advance to set it up at his home in Sherman Oaks, CA. The incredible exhibition was a labor of love, and offered to the public free of charge. The attraction became so popular that the city ultimately demanded that Rick pay a huge sum of money for police security and crowd control. Sadly, the costs were two great and Boney Island was forced to shut down in 2017.


The Green Hornet and Kato

TV heroes the Green Hornet and Kato pose in front of the Black Beauty car

Like a flashback to 1966, these guys looked almost exactly like Van Williams and Bruce Lee from the iconic television show. Behind them is the Black Beauty car, customized by Dean Jeffries. Photographed at the Culver City Car Show on film with my Nimslo quadra lens camera in 2010.


Topiary Dinosaur

Giant dinosaur sculpture made of living plants

The 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California is a popular destination for both the locals and tourists. Throughout the walkway are numerous living dinosaur sculptures, which look like giant Chia Pets! Photographed in 2015.


Melrose Biker Woman

Woman reclining on a motorcycle

Back in 1991, I was walking along the hip and trendy Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, when I encountered this flamboyantly dressed lady lounging on a Harley. It seemed to me that she was not really a biker babe, but a model taking a break from a photo shoot. Since I had my Nikon with me, I captured the moment on Kodachrome film.


Dynamic Duo

Batman and Robin with Batmobile

The Caped Crusaders made an appearance at the 2012 Culver City Car Show, along with the original Batmobile. The pair were doppelgängers of the classic sixties TV versions of Batman and Robin, as portrayed by Adam West and Burt Ward. Behind them was the Batmobile, built at the shop of car customizer George Barris, who was also a major sponsor of the show. Unfortunately George died just a few years later, but the show continues annually.

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