Amazing Attractions

Ceramic Paradise

Pottery store with giant asian head.
The exotic entryway to Jackalope Pottery entices visitors to experience it's Zen vibe. The store seems like an oasis in an otherwise industrial area of North Hollywood, providing for an interesting photo.

Colossal Clown Sign

Giant neon clown sign along a road.
Located along a rather dreary section of Burbank Boulevard in North Hollywood, stands the famous gigantic clown sign, guaranteed to grab your attention. Outlined in neon for maximum impact at night, the demented clown has enticed customers to enter Circus Liquor since the Sixties. Photographed in 2018 with a Canon PowerShot S90 camera.

Glittery Decadence

Mannequin covered with bling in store window.
I was intrigued by this extravagant store window display in Venice, Italy, and had to get a shot. Venetian carnival masks with ornate designs are part of their history and culture, and are popular items with the tourists. Photographed in 2010.

London Taxi

Taxicab sculpture in an airport.
While waiting for a flight, I enjoyed looking at this amazing fluorescent orange wire sculpture in the middle of London's Heathrow Airport. It was created by Benedict Radcliffe, who accurately replicated the contours of the famous cab, from an X-Ray perspective. Photographed in 2015 with my iPhone.

Tar Pit Mammoths

Baby and adult Mammoths.
These life-size statues were located right next to an active tar pit, enacting a scene from thousands of years ago. They were created by artist Howard Ball out of fiberglass, and have been on display at the famous La Brea Tar Pits since 1968. This particular area had been fenced off, to prevent spectators from becoming a victim of the tar! Photographed in 2008.

Giant Woman Sculpture

Abstract giant sculpture of a sleeping woman.
This outstanding abstract sculpture of a reclining woman resides at the entryway of a shopping mall in Greenbrae, CA, of all places. The statue is known as Tamalpais Maiden, named after the highest peak in the area, Mount Tamalpais. It was created by sculptor Dennis Patton in 1988, out of Cor-Ten steel, and is 17 feet long. I captured this reverse angle on film back in 1993, but the iconic giant is still there to this day! A front view can be seen in my Roadside Oddities gallery.

An Eyeful of London

Aerial view of London, England.
A popular activity in London is to hop aboard the London Eye - a gigantic, very slow spinning Ferris Wheel with enclosed observation pods. The ride provides impressive aerial views of the city, such as this shot overlooking the banks of the Thames River. Photographed in 2015.

Colossal Muskie

Gigantic fish sculptures.
This surreal landscape with gigantic fish can be seen at the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin. There are many oversized fish statues on the grounds, but the main attraction is the enormous Muskie, which has an observation deck in its mouth! Muskie is short for Muskellunge, the largest member of the pike family, and native to North American lakes. This photo is from the year 2000, shot on Kodak gold film.

The Nutty Professor

Nutty professor in the classroom laboratory.
Long ago, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southern California was the Movieland Wax Museum, the largest of its kind in the United States. I visited the attraction back in 1991, and captured this fantastic scene from the classic Jerry Lewis film on Ektachrome film with my Nikon SLR. The museum is now long gone, as it was shuttered in 2005 and all the displays auctioned off.

Dinosaur Skeleton

Huge dinosaur skeleton in a museum.
A gigantic Diplodocus skeleton looms over the crowd in the majestic entryway of the London Natural History Museum. The display is actually made of castings of fossilized bones, which were originally discovered in the western United States way back in 1898. Photographed in 2015.