Time-Lapse VignettesJoel Fletcher filmmaker

After digital cameras were introduced, I started shooting digital time-lapses instead of film because it offers many advantages for this technique. I began using miniDV cameras, but later switched to HD when it became available. These movies provide a unique perspective of the world around us.

Tinseltown Tourists showcases the sights of the Los Angeles area at hyper-speed. The locations featured in the video include Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Citywalk, Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Beach and Pier, and the Venice Boardwalk, and the footage was shot around 2009. The video has an amazing soundtrack by Bjorn Lynne.

A New York Minute captures the fast-paced nature of modern urban life. This was my first experiment using high definition cinematography, and it was shot in the summer of 2008 at the iconic Times Square. The trippy soundtrack by Elliot Simons complements the visuals perfectly.

Cloudscapes is a time-lapse video that showcases amazing cloud formations. The footage was shot at various locations in New Zealand using the miniDV format throughout the year 2005. The images were edited to sync with ethereal new age music by Bjorn Lynne.

Distant Cities offers an interesting perspective of the coastal cities of Seattle, Washington, Skagway, Alaska, and Wellington, New Zealand. The imagery was captured on miniDV and then sped up in post-production on the computer. The video features music by Pawel Blaszczcak.

Car Cavalcade showcases the action at the Culver City Car Show in May 2009. Hosted by car customizer George Barris, the event attracts huge crowds from the Los Angeles area. The video features surf guitar music by Pierre Gerwig Langer.