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I photographed these images when I worked with director John Clark Matthews as a stop-motion animator and sculptor. The films were based on the popular children's books Frog and Toad Together, Runaway Ralph, Morris Goes to School, Stanley and the Dinosaurs, Ralph S. Mouse, and Uncle Elephant. All the pictures were shot with my Nikon stereo rig on Kodachrome film. The stereo slide pairs were then modified into the anaglyph format for this presentation. These anaglyph photos require either red/blue or red/cyan glasses to see the stereoscopic effect. The red lens goes over the left eye. Click on an image to enlarge.

  •  Frog jumping over a rock.

    Frog jumps over a rock

  •  Snake tries to eat Frog and Toad.

    Snake attacks Frog and Toad.

  •  A hawk captures Frog.

    A hawk captures Frog

  •  Ralph mouse in a grandfather clock.

    Ralph in his grandfather clock home

  •  Chum hamster in his cage.

    Chum the hamster

  •  Catso catches Ralph mouse.

    Catso catches Ralph while Merton plays

  •  Ralph mouse gives baby mice a ride.

    Ralph gives his cousins a ride

  •  Morris moose visits a fish store.

    Morris visits a fish store

  •  Morris moose in the candy store.

    Morris Moose in the candy store

  •  Morris moose sings with children.

    Morris sings with the children

  •  Cave people.

    Life in the cave

  •  Cave men eating meat.

    Cave men eating meat

  •  Cave family sits around a fire.

    Cave family sits around a fire

  •  Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks cavemen.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks cavemen

  •  Dinosaurs chase cavemen.

    Dinosaurs chase cavemen

  •  Mice eating jellybeans.

    Country mice eating jellybeans

  •  Mouse exercising on a turntable.

    Ralph exercises on a turntable

  •  Ralph mouse entering a trap.

    Ralph enters a trap.

  •  Ralph mouse shows off his new car.

    Ralph shows off his Laser XL7 Roadracer

  •  Uncle Elephant sings on a train.

    Uncle Elephant sings on a train

  •  Uncle Elephant and Arnie.

    Uncle Elephant and Arnie

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