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These seven collections showcase my stereographic photography. Most of the images were captured as left and right pairs on 35 mm slide film in full color, but they are presented in anaglyph format for viewing on a computer. To experience the stereoscopic effect of the anaglyphs, you will need red/cyan 3D glasses. Red/blue glasses will also work well.

3D MOVIE MAGIC is a collection of scenes that I photographed during my time working as an animator and model maker in the movie special effects industry. 3D NIGHTMARE features a variety of setups from the popular film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I photographed while working on the show as an animator. 3D GLAMOUR showcases beautiful women in exotic locations, captured with a Nimslo camera. 3D VARIETY is a small collection of unique images that do not fit into a specific category. 3D NATURE displays stunning landscapes and the anaglyphs in this gallery are presented in color. 3D STOP-MOTION features scenes from various animated television specials. 3D DIGITAL includes a selection of shots taken with the new Fuji W3 digital stereo camera.

If you are interested in learning about how these images were created, you can check out the 3-D ANAGLYPH TECHNIQUE article in my creative process blog.

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