ReflectionsJoel Fletcher photography

High Hand to Hand

An acrobat holds a handstanding man high up in the air

This impressive acrobatic move was performed by Mark Daniel and Ben Averill, while Steve Clark observes. These guys have been my friends since high school, and were gymnastics coaches at the time. Photographed in 1980 at the Madison, Wisconsin capitol building grounds, with an Argus C3 camera, on Kodachrome film.

Maiden and Warrior

A maiden and warrior in a Renaissance Fair setting

I attended the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California in 1988, and enjoyed all the fantastic cosplay. These people looked great in their outfits, appropriately dressed for the Renaissance period, yet somehow traces of the 80's are evident. This image was photographed with my Nimslo quadra lens camera on negative film. It can be seen in stereo on the 3D Variety page.

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